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  1. UltraMarine Sep 09, 2012

    Sorry guys, I haven't been here for awhile, so I welcome the new members that joined recently and one that joined a few months back. Feel free to contribute anything about the series.
    Natsuki Kuga and Shizuru Fujino are stlil my on my current top 10 favorite anime characters. I have beena fan of them since around 2005! They are pretty much the reason why I still have some interest in the series today thanks to loads of fanfiction stories and fan arts of the two of them.

  2. Dancerinthedark Jun 27, 2012

    Hi everyone!I'm new here <3

  3. Shadowgirl Apr 02, 2012

    Hey Im new...... Anyway I like Nao Yuuki, Natsuki Kuga,Takumi Tokiha and Miyu. They are soooooo cool. However I partualy like Mai Tokiha. The other characters are okay too but they dont appeal to me at all. Sorry if i offend anyone.

  4. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  5. UltraMarine Feb 13, 2011

    That Mai Hime Movie "trailer" is an Omake. Yes, its a fake trailer. Just Sunrise showing it to us for fun.

    And a (very late) welcome to those members I just recently added to this group. My job is really keeping me busy. anyway, nothing really new that I'm aware of in the Mai Hime world unless you count doujins and fanfiction. Those pretty much keep the series alive for me. Japan released Blu-ray versions of the show. I wonder if anywhere else will do the same?

  6. snell0619 Jan 30, 2011

    it is true that mai hime the movie the great battle of fuuka or it is only a trick of sunrise?

  7. smnb Nov 14, 2010

    Quote by UltraMarineWelcome new members.
    Glad to know there a few more Mai Hime fans here.
    The series is old but its still got stuff to offer such as mangas and light novels that were previously mentioned here. MakiMaki has updated Mai Hime Destiny with Chapter 8 sometime ago.

    Soon to be release by next Late Sept/October is a hot looking Shizuru figure made for the figure collectors out there. There is also a figure of Mai already released as well.

    wow! i truly love maihime,, specally mai....^_^

  8. UltraMarine Sep 18, 2010

    Welcome new members.
    Glad to know there a few more Mai Hime fans here.
    The series is old but its still got stuff to offer such as mangas and light novels that were previously mentioned here. MakiMaki has updated Mai Hime Destiny with Chapter 8 sometime ago.

    Soon to be release by next Late Sept/October is a hot looking Shizuru figure made for the figure collectors out there. There is also a figure of Mai already released as well.

  9. AyuTsukuchan Aug 26, 2010

    im a fan of natuski, i like for seriousness and she is really cool.

  10. sayukichan Aug 14, 2010

    i have alot of interst in mikotos character

  11. UltraMarine Jun 13, 2010

    Shizuru/Natsuki is also my favorite couple. They are the reason why I stll have an interest in the Mai HIme/Otome universe.

    If ya asking about what came after Mai Otome, Sunrise released its direct sequel, Mai Otome Zwei, which focuses on Arika who saves the world with the help of Nina and Mashiro. Then comes Mai Otome 0 S.ifr, a prequel to My Otome. I would love to see some sort of OVA focusing the Hime Universe, but the producers keep releasing AU storylines such as the light novel Mai HIme Destiny (1-7 of 12 been translated by Makimaki and the newest manga titled, Mai Hime EXA. Seems like a retelling of Mai Hime in yet another AU storyline,
    I hope EXA gets fully translated. There are snippets of scanlated pages floating around.
    Makimaki may take on the project if there is enough fan interest. Their site has a poll on what project fans would like them to work on. EXA is on the list.
    Please go to to add your support!

    A reply to Cheza's wallparer post:
    Too bad it got removed. It was one of my old favorite HIme wallies.

  12. kamiyurikai Jun 09, 2010

    hi i am interested in the 3rd of My HiME, wondering if any new info is in...... its been awhile since i last watch My HiME.... and its other serie, Mai Otome....

    Favourite pairing have to be Natsuki/Shizuru... second is Akira/Takumi

  13. Cheza1982 May 11, 2010

    Quote by UltraMarine

    This is one of the wallies I have saved: I don;t know who the artist is.

    Well, long time not being here. Glad to see that the group is still somehow active.

    Btw, about the wallpaper. I know who the artist is: it's me. I made that wallpaper long ago and didn't add a signature. Also it has been removed from the gallery because of less effort or such.

  14. UltraMarine Feb 15, 2010

    Welcome to the group, Twisted-Pisces. Glad to have you here. If you want a close-up of her robe, the My Otome gallery here in MT (page 3 I think) has a art book scan that maybe you have already seen anyway. The series's official site has a production art of her - front and back illustration. Link:

    Below is one of those rare Otome fanart of Monica and Fiar I found:

  15. Twisted-Pisces Feb 11, 2010

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and have been asked to say who my favorite character was/is. Fiar Grosse is my favorite Mai Otome character >< Her story as the series goes is tragic and I love her for it. I just wish I could get a good shot of her weapon, the same as Monica's as well as her Robe, even if they have different names for the GEM ^^

  16. UltraMarine Dec 07, 2009

    If I was to be a hime, I would hope my powers would be the ability to manipulate magnetic energy. If you are familiar with Magento in X-men, then you can imagine how powerful this element can be and the countless ways you can use it. I'm not sure what my weapon would be. Maybe a rings or bracelets.

    There was a Hme wallpaper in MT I once saw but it appears to have disappeared.

    This is one of the wallies I have saved: I don;t know who the artist is.

    No new season of Hime I know of. Closest thing to seeing the Himes again is in an alternative universe storyline that stars with a character named Mao.

    Here's the link to the official site that has some info (in japaense) and pics.

    There are sketches of Mai, Natsuki and Mikoto.

    merged: 12-25-2009 ~ 02:51am
    Hooray! Mai Hime lives on with yet another upcoming new series.
    According to Anime News Network, there's going to be a new manga called My Hime EXA, coming out in Japan. I wonder how similar (storywise) its going to be?
    And I'm looking forward to see the new clips to be released in the Blu Ray release. I believe one of the scens involve the Himes and their friends hanging out at the beach.

    Link to article:

    merged: 01-30-2010 ~ 02:03am
    Japan has released the Mai Hime Blu-ray tv series, which includes a 4 minute special of the cast spending time at the beach ganging up on poor Reito.

    Group Beach shot I had screencapped from the video

    merged: 02-03-2010 ~ 12:52am
    Some more new info from the Mai Hime/Otome world.
    Coming March 2010, is the Blu-Ray Mai Otome Boxset. With it, looks like another upcoming special. There are pics of Arika and Eristin in the Hime world. Check it out at the official site:

  17. simply-5th-heirloom Nov 26, 2009

    just wanna ask to all mai hime fans...

    if you are to be a hime,

    or at least have the same powers,

    what would it be? and why?

    merged: 11-27-2009 ~ 11:52am
    wanna ask another question...

    is there a next season?

    really curious...

    merged: 11-28-2009 ~ 06:01am
    hey, anyone got pictures of the himes?

    merged: 11-30-2009 ~ 07:16am
    are there wallpapers in mt where all himes are featured?

    merged: 12-02-2009 ~ 11:16am

    is there mai-hime second season?

  18. UltraMarine Nov 18, 2009

    Greetings Brumalis (and sayaotamashi12 too). I'm glad you like the set up. Personally, I would like to make it more better by adding a new banner and other stuff. Maybe one day I'll get around to it. Not much new going on in the Hime universe that I have seen other than Japan is releasing Blue Ray versions of this series and some tidbits about some other alternate Hime series that would star a character named Mao.

    I'm not much of a fan of the manga either. The story is not deep enough for me but mainly because they have Natsuki boy chasing Tate. I rather she stick to Shizuru and Tate can go cling to Shiho.

    Now as for the Mai Otome manga, I like it....sort of. I just need to get pass the perverse parts.

  19. Brumalis Nov 15, 2009

    I really like the Mai Hime/My Otome Anime. I'm not as much of a fan of the Manga version though.. but I really like how your Group is set up. Do you mind if I join?

  20. sayaotamashi12 Oct 09, 2009

    Hi i like ur mai hime club!

  21. UltraMarine Mar 23, 2009

    Welcome, Hayto-kun.
    I'm glad to know another Mai Otome/Hime fan in MT.

    Sorry for the lack of activity here. Work and video gaming has been my main priority.
    Anyway, the offical site has got some updates from earlier this month that I might as well mention.

    -Looks like that new Mai Hime series with "Mao" as the main character is going to be released this year. Yes, another Alternative universe anime from the way I see it.

    Check out the latest update right here.
    Judging from the pictures, I'm not too impressed with the look but as long as the story is very good, I can overlook the character designs.

    I had really hope they animate the Mai Hime Destiny Novels mainly because I find the story to my liking so far and it has a marjority of the original Mai Hime characters making appearances. For those not familiar with the novel, you can read the first 7 of 12 chapters in english here.

    The official site has a couple of polls out. First one looks like "vote for your favorite male and female Hime/Otome /Sifr character. The results can be found
    here. Shizuru Fujino remains #1 for the females. (yay!) She has been the top winner in previous polls Reito Kanzaki is the #1 male.

    There is a second poll that is ongoing. Looks like a poll to pick what characters you see as best partners to each other.

    Anyone still collecting Mai Hime goodies? There are going to be new trading card set coming out soon. Looks like the set is one of those types to be useds as part of a card game.

    merged: 10-04-2009 ~ 05:18am
    Feels like years since I posted anything here. Anyone still come here?
    Anyway, if anyone still into the Hime series and its anime spin offs,
    there's a one new music souundtrack collecting selectied music from them. List of song tracks at the official site.

  22. Hayato-kun Mar 12, 2009

    Hey... I'm new here in the club and I really love Mai Hime/Otome and so. My fav character is Natsuki.^^

  23. UltraMarine Nov 30, 2008

    Heard the soundtrack for Sifr. Music ok, nothing too thrilling for me.
    I miss Yuki Kajiura's style.

    Pics from the Mai Otome Sifr Soundtrack. (pics scanned by Nipponese)]

  24. UltraMarine Oct 12, 2008

    Sorry for being dead here. My job and other obligations had limited what free time I had.

    Cheza, belated thanks for the heads up on some of the official site's updates. I'm keeping an eye out on that CD single comimg out from a few days from now.

    Also coming soon is the series' OST due 11/26. No art as of yet.

    Here in the US, some new releases of My Hime and My Otome Zwei DVDs are out since last week. Bandai re-released My Hime TV series packing 7 disc in one DVD case for $50. I saw if for $40 at an anime con that I just came back from today.

    Zwei is released with all 4 OVAs together. There is a limited edition that includes a T-shirt and pencilboards. I assume it also include the 4 min extra ending not seen with the single release of ep4.

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